Enter the Jazzchamber with SFV Acid

BAKK are releasing a 10” + 12” double-pack from the Californian acid maverick.

It’s sometimes easy to forget just how much music Zane Reynolds has released as SFV Acid. As well as a healthy amount of self-released oddities (such as the tapes he dropped in In & Out and Starbucks outlets at the start of his career), there have been albums for UNO and singles for Big Love and 100% Silk, and plenty more besides. Perhaps a common misconception about Reynolds’ work is that it represents another tired re-hash of 303-heavy house music, but that’s far from the case. Instead a broad range of electronica tumbles out of the SFV studio, machine-driven in nature but favouring high-resolution expression over trendy lo-fi.

Yet another participant in the Europe-wide SHAPE platform this year, the BAKK collective recognise the aforementioned traits displayed by Reynolds, having dealt with the likes of Jeremiah R, Aurora Halal and Legowelt in the past. Just this year the Dutch imprint has turned to lesser-known talents Haron and Bronze Teeth, and now they’re ready for a slice of Reynolds. In a statement of their appreciation for the SFV Acid sound, BAKK have opted to release a 12” and 10” together – two separate EPs with distinct approaches aimed at presenting different sides to the producer’s sound.

DOep takes up the 12” with five tracks dedicated to an uptempo, electro-influenced sound. It’s dark in places but equally balanced out by chiming synths and a sense of unconventional fun. Meanwhile Jazzchamber cools down the pressure and sits in a more contemplative house mindset, yet still played through those fantastic synth tones that set this music apart from a typical deep-by-numbers effort. The two vinyls will be presented in screen-printed inner sleeves housed in a plastic outer, branded and “conceived by the BAKK Cartoon Cartel”. Have a listen to clips of the expansive release below.

BAKK will release Jazzchamber and DOep by SFV Acid in June.

Jazzchamber Tracklisting:

A1. Free Way
B1. French Deimar
B2. CG Funk

DOep Tracklisting:

A1. Doep
B1. Dickinsdontlie
B2. Wenegelam
B3. Extrakrizzbeat

BAKK on Juno

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