Dalhous present The Composite Moods Collection

A new series of conceptual recordings from the Edinburgh act for Blackest Ever Black will commence with House Number 44.

From their previous incarnation as Young Hunting and so on to their productive run as Dalhous, the pairing of Alex Ander and Marc Dall has been synonymous with Blackest Ever Black since they first appeared on the Berlin-based label back in 2011. Bar a tape of early demo material, Ander and Dall had been focusing on a trilogy of releases in tribute to noted psychiatrist R.D. Laing, culminating in the Will To Be Well album in 2014. With over-arching themes a key influence in their creative process, the pair make their return with a new M.O. that comes from a new point of inspiration.

As the accompanying text explains, The Composite Moods Collection is, “a new cycle of Dalhous recordings that examines the relationship between two individuals co-habiting in the same confined space”. For this first installment in the series, the two protagonists are of opposing mental states, one seemingly stable and one very much not so. The series as a whole also nods to library music and the notion of appealing to or setting specific “moods” – often a hard-to-quantify quality both in people and their surroundings. While the full sonic content of House Number 44 is yet to be revealed, the first glimpse at any of the 19 tracks can be found in the quite beautiful form of “Methods Of Élan”, streamable in full below. You can also read more about the ideas behind the release here.

Blackest Ever Black will release The Composite Moods Collection Vol. 1: House Number 44 by Dalhous in March.


1. Response To Stimuli
2. It Itself, Is Harmless
3. Running Sheets
4. Ecstasy As A Mask Or A Shield
5. Conscience Of Nerves
6. Research Network
7. On A Level
8. End Of Each Analysis
9. Mimetic
10. Content For Feelings
11. Zero Point Zero Six Per Cent
12. Implicit Use Of Abstraction
13. Statistical Order
14. Results
15. Vestibule
16. Everything They Wanted To Hear
17. Baby-Oh-Feed-Bak
18. Methods Of Élan
19. Lines To Border

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