Shine Grooves next up on Kimochi Sound


The Russian producer has a five-track EP primed for release on the Chicago label.

Slowly but surely the sound of Shine Grooves is starting to find its footing in the deeper, techno-inflected end of the house spectrum. The young producer has thus far been largely associated with the Rough House Rosie label and other niche concerns as the excellent Udacha, coming from the same pool of Russian producers as Unbroken Dub, HVL and A5, amongst others. It’s a trend emanating from the East that resonates with the dubby style favoured by Kimochi Sound. Area’s Chicago-based operation has always erred towards the smooth, soulful and odd sounds of house and techno, most recently issuing forth Benjamin Brunn’s Drop album following a trilogy of EPs by UD.

Now for the Kimochi autumn collection, Shine Grooves has been called upon for five tracks that neatly continue the aesthetic of both artist and label, heading into a strange borderland between ambient dub listening and functional rhythmic content. It’s an emotional headspace that both parties have been excelling in of late, while it also provides some interesting new percussive textures into the Shine Grooves sound. Uploaded in the spirit of generosity to Area’s m50 SoundCloud page, you can hear the EP in its entirety below ahead of the October release date. Meanwhile the Kimochi website lists forthcoming releases for the rest of 2015 as coming from Area himself (with a remix from Donato Dozzy), RDMA, and then two releases from regular contributor Lubin.

Kimochi Sound will release Tumannost EP by Shine Grooves on October 10.

Shine Grooves cover 450


1. Tea
2. Smoke
3. 343
4. Roughness
5. Old Radio

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