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Mo Kolours brings Texture Like Sun to One-Handed Music

The stylistically-limber artist will release his second album at the end of October.

When he first landed in 2011 with the onset of a trilogy of EPs for One-Handed Music, Joseph Deenmamode instantly seemed like a truly unique proposition with that magnetic verve embedded in his music that creates the memorable artists of this world. As such he attracted plenty of favourable press, while the musical message grew towards last years Mo Kolours album alongside the ever-building reputation of his One-Handed cohort Paul White. Earlier this year Deenamode dropped the How I (Rhythm Love Affair) single, whilst the previously-issued Beautiful Swimmers remould of “Mini Culcha” also slipped out on a blink-and-you-missed-it single-sided 12″ through Future Times. The eclectic nature of the London-based artist’s influences could be detected when we spoke to him earlier in the year for a Five Records feature.

It would be expected that Deenmamode feels a slight pressure on delivering a follow-up record, although it doesn’t sound apparent on the confident strides of different styles and influences that run into Texture Like Sun. The title of the album is a nod to the cover of The Stranglers’ “Golden Brown” which is contained within, alongside a further Deenamode rendition of The Isley Brothers’ “Harvest For The World”. Across eighteen tracks the Mo Kolours sound touches on house, dub, hip hop and soul delivered with the panache of the West Coast beat scene and largely populated by Deenmamode’s own soulful croon.

One-Handed Music will release Texture Like Sun by Mo Kolours on October 30.



1. Pots & Pans Ceremonial Intro
2. Foundation
3. Keep Cool
4. Paradise
5. Club Skit
6. Harvest
7. Where’s The Salad
8. Find Out What You Want
9. Sign
10. Second Start
11. Breathe
12. Orphan’s Lament
13. Foundation Rhythm
14. Don’t Poison All The Water
15. B Feeling Skit
16. Texture Like Sun (Golden Brown)
17. Tears & Sand
18. A Soul’s Journey