Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia next on Sacred Summits

A rare tape from the Dutch act will get the reissue treatment from the label next month.

Founded in late 2013, Sacred Summits has developed into an interesting and understandably infrequent joint venture from Lindsay Todd and Stuart Leath. The former is of course responsible for Firecracker Recordings as well as overseeing Edinburgh record shop The Living Mountain, whilst the latter has his hands full with the glut of material seeping out of Emotional Response and affiliated sister labels. Launched with the intent of “unearthing the best and weirdest” music, Sacred Summits has thus far issued material by Mexican musician Luis Pérez and transferred tape only material from Nurse With Wound’s Colin Potter to lovingly presented vinyl.

A similar procedure has taken place for the fourth release on Sacred Summits which finds a rare cassette from the prolific Tilburg techno industrial dabblers, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, that’s presented on vinyl for the first time. Initially released as a self-titled cassette in limited quantities on local Tilburg label Katheros Foundation in 1989, the four-track vinyl reissue was first announced by Sacred Summits in April this year but will finally see light on the label next month. Available to preview in all its mucky, lo-fi glory below, 1989 should resonate with fans of Börft Records and its worth heading over to the SoundCloud page for a detailed account of Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia’s history from founding member Reinoud van den Broek.

Sacred Summits will release 1989 by Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia in early August.


A1. Acid Dervish
A2. Exit
B1. War Chant
B2. Intoxication

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