Lumisokea tap into memories on new LP for Alter

Mnemosyne is the result of two years work from the Berlin-based production duo.

Thus far the majority of material released by Lumisokea has appeared on Eat Concrete, the Dutch label also responsible for releases from Aardvarck, Baconhead and Funckarma to name but a few. The pairing of Andrea Taeggi and Konraad Ecker has only been officially circulating since 2011, resulting in two albums and an EP for their primary dwelling but also branching out to invade Opal Tapes in more recent times on both cassette and vinyl. The sound of the pair, from Italy and Belgium originally, deals in uneasy textural and tonal work with a penchant for low-end ruminations and slow moving rhythm. Alter, the label manned by Luke Younger of Helm notoriety, makes for a logical home for such sounds, having equally dealt with the likes of Damien Dubrovnik, Basic House and many more vanguard sounds in the field of electronics.

In producing their third album, Taeggi and Ecker spent a considerable amount of time recording ’60s and ’70s synthesisers in the W.O.R.M Studios in Rotterdam, before working treated recordings of gamelan bells, prepared piano and a whole lot more into the mix to wind up at the finished album. The title of the record, Mnemosyne itself is a reference to the Greek goddess of memory, reportedly due to the imagery of an imagined past that the artists experienced from listening back to their work. Ahead of the album being released in September, you can preview two of the album’s below.

Alter will release Mnemosyne by Lumisokea on September 4.


1. Flatland
2. Prowl
3. Sybil
4. Abri
5. Wiccan
6. Risacca
7. Hearsay
8. Jenseits
9. Egress

Alter on Juno

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