Diagonal snap up Evol with Flapper That

The unpredictable outfit debut on Jaime Williams and Powell’s label with a two-part twenty-minute study.

Over the years, self-styled composers of “computer music for hooligans” Evol have always entertained as much as they have impressed. From wayward stage antics involving rabbit suits to releases entitled Thunder Bollocks and Rephrased Hiker Porn, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp have managed the rare feat of balancing tongue in cheek irreverence with serious experimental concerns and forged a sturdy reputation in the process. Early appearances on Mego and Entr’acte have been bookended by more recent excursions such as the Purple Melters 12” on iDEAL and the Melting Pinkness single on Hypermedium, while last year Evol were found rubbing shoulders with luminaries Russell Haswell, Raime, Powell and Vereker in the Diagonal Rave Tapes pack from Reel Torque. Captured from a Diagonal showcase at Corsica Studios, the release marked the first official link between Powell’s label and Evol.

Now that camaraderie has been consummated with the creation of Flapper That, a two-part twenty-minute release that pings bouncy acid notes around subtle drifts of time perception with a cartoon-like glee, but with a highly considered intent working away underneath. Due out imminently, Powell himself posits that the release may be the pair’s “most accessible boffin-style banger to date,” although this is certainly no shot towards the mainstream from de Cisneros and Sharp. You can get a feel for the rubbery ruminations of the A side via the SoundCloud player below.

Diagonal will release Flapper That by Evol on July 17.

Evol cover 450


A. Flapper That (Part 1)
B. Flapper That (Part 2)

Diagonal on Juno

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