Bronze Teeth next on Diagonal

The first of two planned releases from Factory Floor’s Dominic Butler and L/F/D/M was announced today. 

Keen followers of the Diagonal label run by glowstick enthusiasts Oscar Powell and Jaime Williams and their associated NTS show Melon Magic will no doubt be aware the duo have planned to release some material from Bronze Teeth, a new project from Factory Floor’s Dominic Butler and Richard Smith, who has released under the L/F/D/M banner on Optimo Music and Clan Destine Trax. Today the exact nature of this partnership has been revealed, with the label unveiling O Unilateralis, the first of two Bronze Teeth releases, in typically low-key fashion.

Seemingly taking its name from a tropical rainforest fungus, O Unilateralis is available with immediate effect and features three Bronze Teeth productions, which a press release claims contain the “ghosts of acid house and skull-shredding free party techno refracted through a modernist sensibility and a keen ear for sound sculpture”. A second EP from the pair is apparently due to follow on Diagonal next month, and the addition of Bronze Teeth further strengthens the label’s position as one of the most exciting and unpredictable imprints currently operating.

O Unilateralis by Bronze Teeth is available now on Diagonal Records.


A1. Tapeworm
B1. Acetone
B2. Glass Tooth

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