Sigha is Faugust

Our Circular Sound boss Sigha unveils a new alias for Avian’s 10″ sub-label Mira.

A press release writes that James Shaw’s new project Faugust will see the English techno producer combine his experience as a guitarist “with many of the sonic approaches that characterise his best known music today.” In hindsight it comes as no surprise that he brings a more traditional element of music making back into his production after he told Scott Wilson in his interview with Sigha published yesterday that the guitar “was such a massive part of my life, and I miss it to be honest,”. Entitled Devotions (1984 – 2006), the four-track 10″ has been described by Mira as emotive and highly personal and shows a sign of Shaw’s sound that’s “largely been buried since 2004.” If you missed the exclusive stream of lead track “Penitence” in that interview you can hear it below.

The project has personal significance to Shaw, who describes it as a “homage” to his late mother, adopting her maiden name, Faugust, for the project, and as he explained to us quite simply: “It’s music that I think she would have liked.” Its release follows Sigha’s official debut on Avian last month which came in the form of a six-track EP called The Purification Loops, described by Wilson as displaying a combination of organic fleet-footedness and gravelly heft that sound like early Surgeon tracks, while Sigha also alluded to his need to pursue different musical styles by adding: “I wanted to explore things other than just techno, because that’s not where my musical interests start and stop,”.

Mira will release Devotions (1984–2006) by Faugust on June 12.



A2.A New You
B2.Against the Sea

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