L/F/D/M resurfaces on Clan Destine Traxx

Stream “LHF 3″, an acid-heavy box jam taken from the London-based producer’s forthcoming 12” for the Clan Destine label. 

L/F/D/M first emerged last year, inaugurating the Optimo Trax series with Purple Maps, a four-track EP that more than lived up to his stated intentions of “trying to reach that magic point where you can remove yourself from what you’re making, and the music starts to trigger an emotion rather than just being blocks of colour on a computer”. Whilst there’s been an absence of recorded material from L/F/D/M since then, the official Diagonal broadcast channels have revealed the producer has teamed up with Factory Floor pal Dominic Butler for a forthcoming release on the label as Bronze Teeth.

Ahead of that, L/F/D/M is set to become the second artist to helm a full release on the Clan Destine Traxx series from Glasgow label Clan Destine Records, following the recent 12″ by Mister Saturday Night graduates General Ludd. Given the sounds of his Optimo Trax bow, the hookup certainly makes sense within the context of the series as a whole, whilst the more facetious minds might say L/F/D/M is a perfect fit for Clan Destine given the lack of information on the former, and the meaning of the latter’s name. You can stream “LHF3″ from the forthcoming 12” below, and should appeal to fans of Bass Clef’s more rugged modular experiments.

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