Fennesz returns with Bécs

The Austrian artist will release his first full solo album in six years on Editions Mego in April.

Although the past several years have seen ambient musician Christian Fennesz collaborating with a number of high profile figures – Ryuchi Sakamoto to name one – as well as release an EP, cassette, and soundtrack, the Austrian’s last full solo LP was 2008’s Black Sea. This makes the announcement of a new album from the artist on Editions Mego very good news indeed.

Fennesz initially returned to Editions Mego two years ago with the Fa 2012 single, yet he hasn’t released a full album on Editions Mego since 2001’s seminal Endless Summer, which makes the forthcoming seven-track LP Bécs particularly exciting news for fans of heavily processed guitar tones and electronics. Described by the label as a “conceptual follow up” to Endless Summer, the album supposedly eschews the drone-based productions of Black Sea and sees a return to the “more florid pop mechanisms” of Endless Summer. Interested parties can hear the bracing album track “The Liar” below.

Editions Mego will release Bécs on LP, CD and digital formats on April 28.


1. Static Kings
2. The Liar
3. Liminality
4. Pallas Athene
5. Bécs
6. Sav
7. Paroles

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