Gavin Russom’s Crystal Ark prepares for debut album with We Came To

The Crystal Ark – DFA white wizard Gavin Russom’s current musical focus – will precede a debut album with a single entitled We Came To (Versions).

Arguably the connoiseur’s DFA artist of choice thanks to his seminal album Days Of Mars, produced with Delia Gonzalez, and acid house inspired Black Meteoric Star alias, Gavin Russom’s Crystal Ark project – a collaboration with vocalist Viva Ruiz – combined Russom’s love of analogue sounds and psychedelia with a dance music sensibility that is distinctly Latin. It has been in operation since 2010, though things have been quiet from the pair since the release of the single Touch over a year ago.

However, the hiatus is set to be lifted with the impending release of We Came To (Versions), another pair of tracks that invoke the spirit of the rave in the way only Russom can, described by DFA as “a dance music rally cry – profound in its bare bones and raw production”. Also welcome is the news the tracks are both alternate versions of one that will be featured on duo’s long-awaited self-titled debut album, due to be released later this year on DFA.

We Came To (Versions) will be released though DFA on 3 September 2012.

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