Night Slugs start Club Constructions series

London label Night Slugs will expand operations further with the launch of a new 12″ series entitled Club Constructions with co-founder L-Vis 1990 at the helm for the inaugural release.

The new label will run concurrently with the main artist EPs and White Label series and will apparently offer Night Slugs’ international family of production talent a chance to indulge in raw and tracky material aimed squarely at the dancefloor.¬†Club Constructions Vol 1 marks L-Vis 1990’s first material on Night Slugs since Forever You in 2010, having spent the interim period working on completing his major label debut album Neon Dreams.

Described as “strictly for peak time usage”, the five-track EP sees the producer draw on the sounds of Dance Mania and Underground Construction for five analogue, tape saturated hi tempo house tracks in a vein reminiscent of the Geeeman records 4Lux boss Gerd puts out on Clone Jack For Daze.

Night Slugs are expected to release Club Constructions Vol 1 by L-Vis 1990 imminently.


1. Workout
2. Video Drone
3. Rubber Crash
4. Hard Drive
5. Girl Clap


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