Watch: Chromatics – Lady

Another Alberto Rossini directed video for Italians Do It Better outfit Chromatics has emerged, with “Lady” the most exciting teaser yet for the band’s forthcoming LP.

Johnny Jewel’s act are on the verge of releasing their first studio album in five years, following 2007’s unforgettable Night Drive. News first broke in October 2011, with the album’s title track “Kill For Love” posted on YouTube.

Last week a cover of Neil Young’s “Hey Hey My My (Into the Black)”, retitled “Into the Black”, emerged and instantly divided opinion in the Juno Plus editorial team. “Lady” however has been met with unanimous glee; Ruth Radelet’s voice is again at its yearning best, sitting elegantly atop the loose beats. As always, Rossini’s sepia tinted clip provides a neat visual accompaniment.

Italians Do It Better will release Kill For Love by Chromatics in February 2012.

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