Listen: Planet Delsin at Red Light Radio

The brainchild of Orpheu de Jong, Red Light Radio is one of the only cultural saving graces of Amsterdam’s notorious Red Light District.

The former brothel has been converted into an online radio station, with local DJs and international guests performing under one of the area’s ubiquitous red lights, usually to a crowd of mildly confused passersby. A Juno Plus visit to the station last year revealed a friendly, communal atmosphere, a fridge full of beer and not a hint of pretence; just about perfect then.

In a manner similar to London’s NTS or, going back further, the East Village radio communities of decades past, the station serves as a hub for local DJs, label chiefs and creative types to meet up and spin some records. The excellent techno imprint Delsin holds down a regular slot, and their latest show, hosted by Aroy Dee, Peal Saemus and Newworldaquarium, saw the trio dig deep into their enviable collection of classic techno and electronica from the UK, Holland the U.S.

You can stream the show in its entirety via the Soundcloud player below.

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