New Steinberg controllers unveiled

Steinberg have announced six modular USB controllers that can be used independently or cascaded to control specific parts of their Cubase DAW, including  recording, editing and mixing music, creating beats or performing live.

The new units feature contemporary product design and can be used in combinations of up to nine (secured by a included universal plate or optional system frame – see above) to create the prefect custom controller. Here’s some technical information from this morning’s press release:

CMC-CH is the hardware equivalent of the eminently powerful Cubase channel section and brings hands-on access to all channel-related functions.

CMC-FD carries four newly developed, high resolution touch faders that provide precision control over four Cubase channels at the same time, including solo/mute and metering.

CMC-TP provides instant access to the Cubase transport section, featuring dedicated buttons and an innovative, multi-purpose touch slider for convenient DAW control.

CMC-PD houses a MPC-style 4×4 pad matrix, which makes it the ultimate controller for creating dynamic grooves and natural percussion patterns.

CMC-QC brings the powerful Cubase Quick Controls to your fingertips and provides precise tactile control over the Cubase Channel EQ and external MIDI devices.

CMC-AI features Steinberg’s groundbreaking AI Knob and is a truly versatile and time-saving addition to any Cubase system.

The retail price at this stage is still unverified, as is cross-platform integration with other software and DJ systems. Check out the video clip below for more information.

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