Pioneer announce DJM 250 mixer

Pioneer today unveiled the DJM-250, a compact two channel mixer featuring filters for under £500.

The DJM-250 comes in two colours, with a choice of gun-metal grey/black (the DJM-250K) or the white and grey model, the DJM-250W.  It’s a 48kHz/24-bit two channel eight input mixer with balanced XLRs taking care of the master output. It comes equipped with two sound colour filters which are the same as those found on the Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus.

Other noteworthy features include 3-band isolator type EQ (+9dB to -∞) on each channel plus a “Fader Start Play” function to control Pioneer players linked by cable. There’s a decent peak level meter for audio inputs as well as a crossfader curve adjust function, which enables switching between three patterns of cross fader curves.

Keep an eye on Juno for the product arrival which will be priced at £249.

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