Juan Maclean unveils Peach Melba project

DFA lynchpin Juan Maclean will indulge his DJ friendly side with the first of a series of new releases under the new name Peach Melba – a project with New York based vocalist Amy Douglas aimed at remaining faithful to the distinct aesthetic and conceptual ideals of early Chicago House music.

The project was seemingly formed out of Maclean’s desire to do something with tracks deemed too “housey” for the band’s excellent 2009 album The Future Will Come. The first fruits of the Peach Melba project (sorry) sees Maclean team up with Douglas for three variants on “Cant Let Go”.

An entirely new track, built from the ground up by Maclean alone Рthe bass, beats and restless synth stabs have all been programmed from scratch and set on an endless loop. Other than the slightly odd choice of name there is no ambiguity here, no obfuscation of the musical lineage from which Peach Melba’s debut descends. The accompanying dub version does what all good dub version are supposed to, whilst the dub of dub takes matters to the extreme.

DFA will release “Can’t Let Go” by Peach Melba on 12″ on July 18 with the digital variant to follow a week later.

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