Daft Punk take to the stage at Madison Square Garden

Attendees at last night’s Phoenix gig at iconic NYC venue Madison Square Gardens were treated to a surprise encore performance from Daft Punk.

The French duo took to the stage with their old friends Phoenix to perform “1901” interspersed with shades of  “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and “One More Time” to an enraptured crowd.

Given that New York is currently in the grip of the annual CMJ Music Festival, this can only be described as the canniest possible way to promote Daft Punk’s forthcoming and much talked about soundtrack for the Tron: Legacy film.

Some jerky youtube footage of the performance can be enjoyed below.

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  1. Wavatar Connor says:

    The first track in the video (with Harder Better Faster Stronger) is Funky Squaredance, off Phoenix’s first album. Thomas Bangalter played keyboard on most of that album, especially on that track.

    I’d have given my first-born to be at that gig :(