Golden Bug – Flamingo remixes review

Golden Bug – Flamingo remixes review

Artist: Golden Bug
Title: Flamingo
Label: Gomma Dance Tracks
Genre: Disco/Nu Disco
Format: Digital
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Gomma boy Golden Bug is quite mysterious. He’s seemingly come from nowhere, yet he’s released an album, remixed some of the biggest names around, toured the world and smashed the tastemaker’s monthly charts – all the while maintaining a playful degree of mystique, beguiling you with genre flitting genius at every drop.

Like other notable bros on the good ship Gomma, Golden Bug is producing jams on the crunchy vocal-electro end of the disco stick. There’s wallowing grooves and vibes for those who enjoy shredding to repetitive vocal loops, but in equal proportion there’s stab-in-eye top lines and hectic electro drum kits. The word ‘quirky’ comes to mind, which is perhaps why he’s seemed to find a pleasant home away from home with several fun releases for the Bang Gang 12’s lads in Sydney.

Flamingo boasts rhythmic, steady guitars pushing through a disenchanted, screeching vocal. For remixes, this pack explores the two dimensions of sound that create the unique madness that is the Bug.

There’s the chaotic vocal-electro dynamics of In Flagranti, alongside an instrumental driven stroll from France’s Rove Dogs. Pete Herbert rides with a bouncy gait atop Golden Bug’s squelchy basslines. Herr Styler’s remix is interesting, EQ’d to thrill then jumping down on a funky piano break with barely time to shout ‘more cowbell’. But In Flagranti is the definite winner on this pack. Moody as you like with deceptively glitchy cuts on the lead hook.

Review: Duncan Byrne

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