Gadi Mizrahi – I Can Never Get Enough review

Artist: Gadi Mizrahi
Title: I Can Never Get Enough
Label: Spectral Sound
Genre: Minimal House/Tech House
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Wolf + Lamb label co-founder Gadi Mizrahi’s first EP released on Spectral Sound starts off with a rather sullen pared-down piece “She Don’t” playing out a dark tale with a heavy rounded kick. Reworked as a super-minimal remix, Berlin-based Lowtec takes the whispering vocals and adds synthier elements plus more upbeat rhythms that Spectral are so well known for.

Title track “I Can’t Get Enough” is a sumptuous offbeat number, all shaking drums and classic house vocals stuttered to their death adding texture and complexity. “Oh Love” as played out by the likes of Le Loup and Matt Tolfrey, is a more positive piece, focused around cleverly used vocal samples and a funky bassline, where Mizrahi introduces the addition of a moment-defining clap over halfway through the track.

The debut four track EP showcases the kind of sheer quality in modern deep sounds that Mizrahi has perfected in his own tracks as well as those he picks for his own label.

Review: Flora Wong