Virgo – Virgo review

Artist: Virgo
Title: Virgo
Label: Rush Hour/Trax
Genre: House
Format: 12″, CD, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records (CD, 2x LP), Juno Download

Rush Hour are taking over the world one reissue at a time. The latest retrospective release from the Amsterdam imprint is Virgo’s self-titled debut, considered by many connoisseurs to be one of the finest house albums ever made. Eric Lewis and Merwyn Sanders’ seminal work has been completely re-mastered for the first time and comes with new artwork.

Virgo was their first and only full length release but has had a lasting effect on those that heard it. Originally, it was released as two separate EPs on Trax in 1989, one as Virgo and the other as M.E, another name that the Chicago duo recorded under. The futuristic, deep, soulful house was soon picked up by London based imprint, Radical Records who merged both 12 inches into a one album release.

Dutch label Rush Hour should be praised for their efforts as they release the first ever reissue of the entire album. The seminal work has also been completely re-mastered for the first time too and will come with new artwork to finish off the new package. As well as the obvious hits, “Do You Know Who You Are” and “In A Vision” the album also serves up re-mastered versions of tracks that didn’t get the recognition they deserved; tracks such as “Never Want To Lose You” and “School Hall”.

The album truly stands alone in its sound. Deep and futuristic post acid house, its delicious synths and elegant grooves will now be available for a new generation to discover, cherish and love.

Review: Tom Jones