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Big Up – Becky CJ sings the praises of Susanne Sundfør

As part of our week long International Women’s Day knees up, we’ve asked female artists to nominate another for special Big Up attention

beck cj

Becky CJ makes alt-pop music that reflects her queer identity but also aims to communicate an emotional resonance to anyone who cares to listen. The South Londoner is probably best known for a series of tracks where she made Tinder encounter into songs, a uniquely creative idea called Tinder Nightmares that gained her the attention of the tabloid press as well as music magazines.

But she’s just released ‘Losing Your Perspective’, a single produced by Olly of Brighton duo and Juno Daily favourites PELA – hear their amazing recent In The Mix session for us here

Becky says: “To me, IWD is a reminder of not only how many incredible women are on this planet, doing their thing but also a demonstration of how women can work together to create change, be the innovators and continue to close gap and overcome the still evident disparities in opportunities for women vs men.

beck cj press

Having celebrated IWD with a live Instagram set, we asked Becky to nominate a fellow female artist worthy of praise.

“For me Susanne Sundfør has had the biggest impact on my career. I have never met her (I wish!) but when I discovered her music I realised that as a female artist you could be multi-faceted, you could write a classic singer-songwriter album and then release a heavily produced 80s synth album and still be true to yourself. Her music is so free and so creative, she doesn’t seem to be bound by the usual pressures women deal with whilst trying to maintain their career ie staying relevant, staying attractive etc.

susanne art

“Whilst I cannot obviously speak for her, she does appear to demonstrate a rare female artist who just outputs what is authentic to her without the fear of not being current. I have found myself trying to live by her example and release the music that I love rather than write music to fit the mould.”

* ‘Losing My Perspective’ by Becky CJ is out now