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Ariel Zetina talks us through her IWD top sixteen chart

DJ, producer and selector of impeccable taste, Ariel Zetina compiles this special chart for Juno Daily’s ongoing IWD celebrations

ariel press
DJ GIRL Slsk Trax (Planet Euphorique)
DJ Girl- the release of the year in my opinion. and she is a friend as well! Perfect hard dance music on one of the best labels (D. Tiffany’s Planet Euphorique)

Elysia CRAMPTON – Orcorara 2010 (Pan)
Elysia Crampton- one of my idols released one of her best albums last year. Just gorgeous leftfield perfection.

Loraine James – Nothing (Hyperdub)
Loraine James- ‘For You and I’ Loraine’s debut album turned me on to her music, and I love this other side of her sound. Lila Tirando a Violeta’s work with Loraine’s makes so much sense to me.

Ana Roxanne – Because-Of-A Flower (Kranky)
Ana Roxanne- You owe it to yourself to listen to Ana Roxanne. Her music makes me feel a calm I never thought I could feel.

Shopping – All Or Nothing (Fat Cat)
Shopping- Amazing bratty confident dance punk that reminds me of The Gossip or Operator Please

Bergsonist – Womankind’s Beauty (Hypercolour)
Bergsonist- One of a kind. No one does it like Bergsonist.

Britney Spears – Baby One More Time (Sony Music)
Britney- One of the things I’m excited about is not discriminating against pop music. I love pop music and I love Britney and we need to support Britney always and forever. I have been since I was seven years old and I heard Baby One More Time for the first time. My brother and I called it that “silver wings” song because we thought she was saying silver wings when she says “still believe” in Baby One More Time

India Jordan – Watch Out (Ninja Tune)
India- Love India Jordan’s commitment to euphoria on the dancefloor. Their music exudes effervescence!

Lyra Pramuk Fountain (Bedroom Community)
Lyra Pramuk- is making such unique work with her voice and electronics! Love love love Gossip especially.

Fatima Yellow – Memories (Egjo)
Fatima- an album from a few years ago I re-discovered. Very getting me through pandemic mood.

Cold Beat – A Simple Reflection (reissue) (Dark Entries)
Cold Beat- Ah yes, getting into some that have stayed with me over the last couple of years. Love this SF synth group Cold Beat that makes the dreamiest shit <3 I just acquired the vinyl and it is in the mail as I type this!

Laurel Halo/Various – Dj Kicks (K7)
Laurel Halo- Laurel Halo is my idol (and so honored to have shared space with her in the past! She is an amazing person). I listened to her DJ Kicks on every single flight I took in 2019. This is something I return to often.

Jayda G – Both of Us (Ninja Tune)
Jayda G- Another one from this summer I keep coming back to. Just got it for my DJ roommate/bff/cat co-parent Madeline ( for Christmas!

Ikonika – Aerotropolis (Hyperdub)
Ikonika-Aerotropolis. Everything from Night Slugs era club music circa 2012-2014 is so influential to me. Ikonika is one of my idols. Seeing a woman of color making this type of music in her own unique way and not playing by anyone’s rules was so inspiring. I am so glad I got to see her play in Chicago. This truly sounds like nothing else in the world.

Lady Gaga – Chromatica (Polydor)
Lady Gaga- If you didn’t listen to Chromatica over and over when it came out??? I actually I won’t finish that sentence. It’s perfect pop dance music and a return to form for her. Pop stars in dance music were my introduction to dance music. If you’re skeptical, start with track 7 (The start of the 2nd act). ‘Plastic Doll’ and ‘911’ are my favorites.

Chromatics – Faded Now (Italians Do It Better)

Chromatics- LOL I did not even realize I put Chromatica and Chromatics right next to each other. I rewatched Twin Peaks Season 3 and basically it made me listen to Chromatics nonstop for like two weeks. Love this energy. It’s so dramatic and so soothing.