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Juno Daily In The Mix – Haiku Salut keep the IWD party going

Sophie Barkerwood of the acclaimed maverick electronica trio Haiku Salut guides us through her exquisite exclusive mix for Juno Daily

kaiku 5

Haiku Salut are a multi-instrumental electronica trio from the Derbyshire Dales who’ve gained worldwide acclaim for their three studio albums, their instrument swapping live sets (including their spectacular, eerie ‘lamp show’) and most recently, their new soundtrack to Buster Keaton’s ‘The General’, that they toured live as part of the BFI’s Comedy Genius season.

As our celebrations around International Women’s Day continue, enjoy a special mix curated and created by Sophie Barkerwood from the band exclusively for Juno Daily.

Erland Cooper and Hannah Peel – Particle G1
I first heard this track through the PA at a show we played in a church in Shrewsbury. It sounded so huge and warm in that space.

Manfred Hamil – Defect Analysis
I’ve been really into releases by the new electronica label Cue Dot this year. Their releases seem to come from a place of connection and warmth. This is taken from the album ‘Everything Fades’.

Gentic – Actually Smiling
Geotic is the other project of Will Wiesenfeld who is better known as Baths. This album this track is from came out in 2017 and is a regular on our record player. It has a minimal dance vibe without being too intense or dark.

Kayla Painter – Glaciers Dust
Intricate and meticulous electronica. I love the relationship between the bass and the gliding sine in this track. Really playful and mellow.

Grawl!x – Epicene
Ethereal pop music with melodies that sound like they’ve been sung from the top of a snowy mountain. Taken from the album ‘Peeps’ which came out in February 2020. Grawl!x was the last show we went to before all this kicked off.

Julia-Sophie – I Wish
This track was introduced to me this week and I instantly connected with it. There’s something about the relationship with the beat and vocals that demands your attention. The immediacy of it reminds me a bit of Thom Yorke.

Daisuke Kondo– Toyko Sound Land Pt 1
I’m a bit of a sucker for tiny electronica from Japan. This came from a compilation curated by Yuppies Music which is so good I even have the t-shirt.

Such a simple sound with such complex emotions. Feels like a runaway ice-cream van living a life of its own.

Hélène Vogelsinger – Astral Projection
Taken from my favourite album of 2020. An epic and emotional modular synth composition. Pay attention to the swifts screaming overhead at the end, feels like summer.

Oora – Correrre
Another modular synth composition. The hook goes round and round and subtly changes with each movement. The use of delay, reverb and filters in this is inspired. A deep cycle of loveliness.

Eve Maret – Synthesizer HeartsBeen in love with this track since hearing it on Mary Anne Hobbs show. Intense and relentless. No fucks were given playing this on daytime radio.

Lying Cat – The AI aids the ascension and then interfaces with the sound machine and dies\ascension
Another Cue Dot release from a mysterious anonymous Bristol producer with help from members of Jilk. I absolutely love the way Cags from Jilk plays and affects the violin. This track moves into some glorious otherworldly realm at the end.

Arushi Jain – Is it Love?
Arushi Jaind describes herself as a ‘sound architect’ which I love. A nine minute ambient and twinkly modular synth piece (another!) which swells and bubbles away so fluidly and serenely.