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Dave Clarke, CeCe Rogers and others rally in support of hospitalised Marshall Jefferson

Fans send prayers to Marshall Jefferson ‘in a serious fight’ after pneumonia hospitalisation

Marshall pic edit

Fans of house godfather Marshall Jefferson have sent positive messages of support to the Chicago DJ after his hospitalisation from pneumonia last weekend.

Providing an update on his condition on Sunday, Jefferson Tweeted: “I really appreciate the love, but right now I just don’t have the energy to talk to all of you on the phone it’s too much. I’m in a serious fight I love you all.”

On Tuesday, house vocalist CeCe Rogers followed up that he had spoken to Jefferson, who was by then recovering at home. Rogers is known for collaborating with Jefferson on the track ‘Someday’.

“Baron of techno” DJ Dave Clarke, who shares the same birthdate as Jefferson, commented on Facebook: “If it wasn’t for Marshall, who inspired the whole of our house/techno generation the music would have been so different. His giant and gracious footsteps led us in the right direction. So please lets all think of him and those that are close to him and wish him the strength he needs to get through”

Writer Bill Brewster, Inner City Electronic founder Ralph Lawson, and System 7 guitarist Steve Hillage were also among those offering support on Twitter.

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs often caused by bacterial or viral infection. It is not known as to whether Jefferson’s case was caused by COVID-19.

Making his Trax Records debut ‘Move Your Body’ in 1986, Jefferson quickly became a staple of the Chicago house scene. The track helped popularise house music internationally, and was among the first pieces house music to include a piano. Jefferson is also regularly credited as a pioneer of deep house, and played a major role in the creation of acid house by co-producing and mixing Sleezy D’s ‘I’ve Lost Control’ and Phuture’s ‘Acid Tracks’.

Jude Iago James