Frap Tools Brenso oscillator module now shipping

The ‘entangled sound sources’ module combines a huge range of classic and new analogue sound generation techniques.


Brenso is a northern Italian slang term combining the words for ‘short’ and ‘intense’. Frap Tools tell us it can be used to describe anything “features great content in proportion to the size”, which makes perfect sense in the context of their new complex oscillator module, which you can hear in action below:

Exhibiting all of Frap’s typical attention to detail, the Brenso combines two analogue ‘thru-zero’ triangle-core oscillators which can modulate and sync to each other or via external inputs. A colour-coded timbre modulation section offers waveshapers, PWM and wavefolding, while there are also a wealth of CV and audio inputs for modulation.

The Frap Tools Brenso is available now, priced at £653.99.
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