Algoriddim’s Djay Pro app now lets you isolate vocals and drums in real time

The latest update introduces Neural Mix AI, allowing you to adjust levels of different elements of a track.

The ability to split a track up into its component parts has always been something of a holy grail for digital signal processing, and that’s exactly what Algoriddim’s Djay software introduces with its latest update. The new Neural Mix feature allows you to adjust the levels of drums, vocals and instruments independently, allowing for some unique mixing techniques.


The Neural Mix concept is similar to the technology behind processing software like Celemony Melodyne or Izotope RX, but Algoriddim rightly point out that it’s the first DJ application of its kind.

Neural Mix is exclusive to iOS versions of the software at this point, optimised for Apple’s A12Z Bionic chip or later (although it will work on some older devices so long as they’re running iOS 12.0 or higher).

Djay Pro is supported by most controllers from brands including Pioneer, NI and Reloop. Scroll down to see more of Djay Pro AI in action.

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