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Nous present #3 Black LP

The Berlin label turns to Juniper and Ayin amongst others for its next compilation.

In amongst their excellent taste in artist EPs from Vaib-R, Route 8, Call Super, Karen Gwyer, YPY and many more, Nous have also made a fine tradition in the past three years of presenting various artist releases amongst their catalogue. In particular the Ethos Series provided a great trio of releases from label regulars and new faces alike. Earlier this year the #3 White LP popped up with a wealth of unfamiliar names such as Cofaxx, and Ruff Degan, with little explanation given to the highly limited pressing of white-sleeved jams. In the mean time we’ve reported on Nous’ release of the debut solo EP from Lyon-based producer Fetnat, who first appeared on the White compilation.

Now Nous follow up with a companion collection entitled #3 Black LP, which gathers together another seven tracks from various operators new and old in the Nousniverse. Amongst the more familiar names are Juniper and Moon Wheel, but there’s also space for Fetnat to step up once more as well as Dreams and Ayln. According to label boss George Mavikros, the original intention was to present the White and Black compilations as one release but he explains there was a distinct split between the housier material and the more forthright techno. “I thought the combination with the house tracks would be weird,” he explains, “so I split them into two different records.” There are plentiful samples of the EP available to listen to in the SoundCloud player below.

Nous will release #3 Black LP by Various Artists on November 30.


A1. Juniper – Movement From The Fade
A2. Anastasia Kristensen – Spring Ballade
A3. Fetnat – Marbrahh
B1. Moon Wheel – H.K.185 D.R
B2. Dreams – Headhunter
B3. Ayln – Wet Dreams
B4. Mauvais Art – Antigravity

Nous on Juno