Powder and Cloudface meet on Wichelroede

The Dogen-zaka MIX / 88QQ99II11 tape features 90 minutes of unreleased material from the duo – preview here.

The exciting news keeps coming from Wichelroede HQ. Only last week, The Hague-based platform revealed Jayda G and LNS had completed selections for their second vacuum-sealed mixtape following a fine debut offering from Beatrice Dillon and Ben UFO. Little time is wasted in teasing what Wichelroede have up their figurative sleeves next with a sneak preview of a “100% original material” tape that pairs up Born Free/ESP Institute artist Powder with Mood Hut and Going Good hardware wrangler Cloudface.

Due out in late summer,  the Dogen-zaka MIX / 88QQ99II11 is the second time this duo have appeared on the format together with a highly-limited promo tape put out to commemorate Powder and Cloudface gig in Tokyo back in March. The upcoming tape for Wichelroede sees Powder and Cloudface take a side each with all the material new and unheard music recorded in Tokyo and presented in mixtape format. A ten minute preview can be heard below to catch the vibe ahead of the full details arriving later this summer.