Dan White is the Fearless Freak

Stream a track from the producer’s latest record which inaugurates new Melbourne label Cry Baby Records.

Since first surfacing with the Untitled 12″ as Dan White on now-dormant Montreal label Forbidden Planet back in 2014, Rory McPike’s music has splintered out over a variety of domestic Australian and international labels. Most recently spotted as Dan White on London electro outpost Brokntoys, McPike’s sonic adventures under this nameĀ for Butter Sessions and Normals Welcome have been augmented by stylistic deviations across the board as 2200, Rings Around Saturn and Pickleman. His latest endeavour falls close to home, inaugurating the new label from Melbourne record shop Cry Baby with the upcoming 12″ Now You Are Here.

The recent unveiling of a video for lead track “Precognitive Dream” sees McPike continue his exploration of classic jungle tropes, but our focus is on the bliss-out closer of “Fearless Freak.” Available to stream in full below, the track’s billowing clouds of ambience brings to mind the DJ Sprinkles Deep Breath mix of “Exhalation” by Parallax Beat Brothers.