Lend Me Your Ears resurfaces on Idle Hands

Shanti Celeste offers a remix for the Manhattan 12″ which comes through the Bristol label next month.

The uncredited Lend Me Your Ears (or LMYE for acronym fans) production unit made their auspicious debut earlier this year with an eponymous 12″ for Stevie Julien’s Apron label complemented by a smattering of backstory that suggested the two individual involved met at Stoke Croft record shop Idle Hands. Summing up that Lend Me Your Ears 12″ in his subsequent review, Frank Mitchell described the two tracks as “a release that combines house, hip-hop and jazz into a soulful cacophony of solid club sounds,” qualifying Apron’s suggestion LMYE came together through a mutual love of digging.

Given how closely Idle Hands are weaved into the narrative surrounding LMYE, it comes as a welcome surprise to discover the label are set to release a new record from the duo next month. The Manhattan 12″ sees the titular track complemented by a remix from close Idle Hands associate Shanti Celeste with the LMYE original apparently recorded in a studio above the record shop. LMYE’s deep music knowledge is on show again with a track that hints to ’70s funk as well as ’90s UK garage, whilst Idle Hands proudly claim Celeste’s remix to be her best work yet.

Idle Hands will release Manhattan by LMYE in early August.


A1. Manhattan
B1. Manhattan (Shanti Celeste Remix)