Klein & Mazzocchetti team up on BANK Records

The pair get noisy on a new seven-inch for Entro Senestre’s label – stream it here.

Launched earlier this year, the crowning glory of the BANK Records label from Entro Senestre has been Xenophobe, the excellent album-length collection of Bookworms material. Complementing that LP, BANK has tapped into the noisier strains of freeform techno productions bubbling away in the label’s native New York with singles from Primitive Languages co-founder Enrique and Unknown Precept contributor Cienfuegos. Links with both those labels abound for the next BANK transmission, a covert hand-stamped seven-inch featuring music from Nick Klein and Maoupa Mazzocchetti.

The two toured various European spots together as part of an Unknown Precept label showcase last year and evidently spent the downtime productively by conducting some experiments with synths, an 808 and various other noise-producing bits of kit. “Quality music for your soul!” as BANK proudly attest. Stream “Untitled 2” from the seven below and look out for the record at “BANK merch tables and your local store.”