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Lnrdcroy returns on Mood Hut

The much-loved producer will make his debut on the much-loved label with Ooze City.

The more eagle-eyed or anally-retentive (delete as appropriate) followers of the Mood Hut label out there will no doubt have greeted the news of their Disco Mantras album earlier this year with the thought: “MH012? But what about MH011??” For anyone out there who may have encountered these thoughts, salvation has arrived with the news that catalogue number has been allocated for a Mood Hut label debut from the seemingly-MIA Vancouver figure known as Lnrdcroy. Last seen lining a rather fine Unthank 10″ deep into 2015, Lnrdcroy remains a favourite of any fan of the Vancouver vibe thanks to his Much Less Normal album for 1080p.

Last month Lnrdcroy broke radio silence on his prolonged period of hermitage to share a minimix of “rather brutalist industrial music” (listen here) with the promise some new music was en-route too. A three-track 12″ for Mood Hut entitled Ooze City sees Lnrdcroy come good on that promise with the record due soon and available to preview below. The pulsing acid of the title track should fall kindly on the ears of anyone that enjoyed Lnrdcroy’s “Time Zone (Mix Two)” from the first Pacific Rhythm 12″, whilst the two B-side cuts offer a chance to indulge in his calmer side.

Mood Hut will release Ooze City by Lnrdcroy in late June.


A1. Ooze City
B1. Aquabus (Plaza of Nations Dub)
B2. Kali Yuga

Mood Hut on Juno