Lee Gamble heads up next UIQ release

Lee Gamble

Chain Kinematics kicks off the new UIQ Inversions series dedicated to Gamble’s own productions.

Last September saw Lee Gamble graduate from celebrated PAN producer and DJ to label owner with consummate ease with the introduction of UIQ. Output on the label thus far have seen Gamble in A&R mode and casting his net wide with Latvian sound artist Mãrtiņš ‘N1L’ Roķis setting the UIQ tone on the Wrong Headspace EP that introduced the operation. The self-styled “astro-gangsta electronics” of Cairo-based Zuli followed with Oli Warwick moved to suggest what was “remarkable about the Bionic Ahmed EP is how different each track sounds,” in his subsequent review. A freshly unveiled UIQ website is now complemented by news of a third release on the label with Gamble himself at the helm.

Due for release tommorow, Chain Kinematics takes shape as a four-track 12″ that doubles up as the onset of a new UIQ Inversions series, which a press release tells us is “exclusively reserved for personal productions, and intended to run parallel and perpendicular to UIQ proper.” Aside from a remix of Batu, Chain Kinematics represents the first tangible Gamble material this year and finds his focus squarely on the dancefloor. Regular visual collaborator Dave Gaskarth provides the artwork and has also produced two videos for cuts from Chain Kinematics; you can watch his take on the fairly pounding opener “004” below.

UIQ will release Chain Kinematics by Lee Gamble on May 20.


1. 004
2. For Infernomatics
3. Kinematics
4. Cnull

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