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Tresor turn to Objekt for new Kern mix

TJ Hertz has put together a hefty 36-track selection for the third edition of the mix series due in July.

The Kern mix series from Tresor was launched in earnest back in late 2012, with an intention to “provide an insight into the tastes and personal histories of some of the scene’s leading lights, allowing artists free reign to weave their own story through a mixture of rarities and brand new material.” Respected Parisian selector DJ Deep set the standard with his highly regarded debut edition, whilst Tresor turned to an enduringly flamboyant figure of European techno for Kern Vol.2 in the shape of DJ Hell a year later. That was the last we heard of the Kern series, and you’d be tempted to assume Tresor were debating the viability of a CD mix series in a climate where so many online mixes and podcast are readily available.

Kern, however, returns and Tresor have turned to an artist who represents the new generation of techno music in Objekt. Rather quiet himself since gracing PAN with his 2014 debut album Flatland, Objekt’s first ever commercial mix commission takes impressive shape as a 36-track, 75-minute session rife with many Juno Plus favourites. Just look at that tracklisting! In addition to the CD release, Tresor are planning The Rarities and The Exclusives, two self-explanatory12″ samplers featuring contributions from Shanti Celeste, Clatterbox, Via APP and Mono Junk.

A press release has Objekt producer T.J. Hertz explaining his motivations for the mix as follows: “Kern Vol. 3 is made up of tracks that I know I will play and love for years to come. Some of these records have been in my bag for years; others are almost as new to me as they are to you. A handful are by lesser known artists whom I admire and who I think deserve wider recognition. Planned, recorded, embellished, reworked, tweaked and chiselled away at over a period of 6 months, the mix was gradually carved out in a way that makes use of new and old techniques alike, presenting itself primarily as a DJ mix but settling in a sweet spot between live recording and studio trickery. The tracklist spans styles, decades and BPMs in an attempt to craft a mix that’s unpredictable and compelling in equal measure – one that draws from the more adventurous corners of my club sets, but above all, one that’s a pleasure to listen to.”

Tresor will release Kern Vol.3 by Objekt on July 8.

Kern Vol.3 mixed by Objekt Tracklisting:

1. _moonraker – Canobraction
2. Beatrice Dillon – Halfway
3. Aleksi Perälä – UK74R1409037
4. Seldom Seen – So So So
5. Final Cut – The Escape
6. Mono Junk – I’m Okey
7. nsi. – Squelch
8. Echo 106 – 100M Splutter
9. Future/Past – Nebula Variation
10. The Persuader – What Is the Time, Mr. Templar?
11. Birdland – Can U Dance To My Edit?
12. Pollon – Lost Souls
13. Fret – Stuck
14. Shanti Celeste – Lights
15. Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy – Love Without Sound
16. Clatterbox – Aspect Ratio
17. Via App – From Across the Room (edit)
18. TX81Z – Googol
19. Polzer – Static Rectifier
20. Thomas Heckmann – Chiswick Days
21. Sole Tech – Jit the Anthem (75 South)
22. Ueno Masaaki – Supersolid State
23. Dave Smolen – Manual Control
24. Aleksi Perälä / Nick Forte – Untitled (Colundi everyOne) / Druse
25. Bee Mask – Frozen Falls
26. Marcus Schmickler & Julian Rohrhuber – Linear Congruence / Intercalation
27. Ondo Fudd – Blue Dot
28. Yair Elazar Glotman – Oratio Continua (Part I)
29. Rully Shabara – Faring
30. ACI_EDITS – 02
31. Dresvn ft. Sensational – Bliss (DJ Sotofett’s Raggabalder Dubplate Version)
32. Machine Woman – Swedishmanwithtwoblackboxes
33. Anokie – Black Knight Satellite
34. Skarn – Revolver
35. Ruff Cherry – The Empath
36. Space Brothers – Lodore (Purple Twilight remix)


Kern Vol.3 mixed by Objekt – The Exclusives Tracklisting:

A1. Clatterbox – Aspect Ratio
A2. Shanti Celeste – Lights
B1. Polzer – Static Rectifier
B2. Via App – From Across The Room

Kern Vol.3 mixed by Objekt – The Rarities Tracklisting:

A1. Pollon – Lost Souls
A2. Fret – Stuck
B1. Future/Past – Nebula Variation
B2. Mono Junk – I’m Okey

Tresor on Juno

Header image courtesy of Kasia Zacharko