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Rufus is a Stranger In Paradise

Rufus 590

The Tru West member returns to Bosconi backed up with a Herva remix.

Niccolò Daniel Rufo has a modest discography reaching back to 2009, but his involvement in the house music scene of Florence has been enough to set the Italian artist up for an intriguing journey into more experimental realms. A core member of the collective that orbits the Bosconi record label, his early outings as Rufus were sample-focused affairs that drew on classic deep house motifs, but following a move to Berlin he started exploring more experimental pastures with some of his fellow Italian ex-pat comrades. Alongside Mass_Prod and Herva he formed the Tru West group, resulting in two mind-bending noise excursions on Marmo Music as well as yielding the spin off project The Leftovers with Stefano Meucci. Meanwhile he also started engaging with a tougher house and techno palette with the Nightdrivers project, also alongside Mass_Prod.

Now Rufo has returned to his original stomping ground of Bosconi for a new Rufus EP that bridges the gap neatly between his earlier productions and his more contemporary endeavours. The four original tracks on Stranger In Paradise brim with warm, soulful sample work but there’s a definite gritty edge in the production that wasn’t present before. As well as the Rufus productions, there is also a remix offered up from one of Bosconi’s most successful sons, the aforementioned Herva. Fresh from dropping albums for Planet Mu and Delsin the wildly unconventional artist delivers an appropriately abstract version of “Stranger In Paradise” to finish off the record. There is no confirmed release date yet, but you can hear some fulsome clips of all five tracks in the SoundCloud player below.

Bosconi Records will release Stranger In Paradise by Rufus soon.

Rufus cover 450


A1. Stranger In Paradise
A2. Slave Of Pussy
B1. A Mirage
B2. Sleepy Song
B3. Stranger Than Paradise (Herva Remix)