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Lutto Lento’s shares My Number One High

The Polish producer has a new 7” and an album from Andrzej Nowak due on his label DUNNO.

Back in 2014 when Chuck Drakeford’s From The Depths opened up shop with a release from Lutto Lento, many had never heard of the Polish producer before. Bar some niche tape drops scattered throughout the preceding three years, it was the first large scale outing for a producer now known to represent the vanguard of exciting new talent coming out of Poland – look no further than last year’s piece on ‘Polo House’ by Matt Anniss for more information. In the time that has passed since, Proto Sites, Transatlantyk and Where To Now? have all piped up with releases from the artist also known as Lubomir Grzelak, while he also took it upon himself to launch the DUNNO Recordings label with a cassette entitled Prima Porta. Meanwhile Heroiny released the Ahh-Ohh album on the label last year.

After something of a pause, Grzelak is now ready to fire up the label once again with not one but two fresh releases, the first coming from Andrzej Nowak. According to the label, Nowak was an early computer music composer who struggled to gain recognition, with the Cocktail Paint LP comprising tracks produced between 1987 and 1994 that were turned down for the animation they were intended for. The second release comes from Grzelak himself in the shape of the My Number One High / Take Me Down The Dunes 7”. As he explains, “[the] first track sounds like dark twisted fantasy about carnival in some cheap tropical spa. The other one will reach your guts and throw them upside down.” Presumably in the interests of public safety Grzelak opted to stream the first track, which you can sample in the SoundCloud player below. The wonderfully strange, futurist-flavoured artwork on the sleeve is by Tomasz Kowalski.

DUNNO Recordings will release Cocktail Paint by Andrzej Nowak in April, and My Number One High by Lutto Lento in June.

Andrzej Nowak Cocktail Paint Tracklisting:

A1. Roses
A2. Corn Maze
A3. Mouth
A4. Graphs
A5. Slow Go
A6. We Need A Simple Way
B1. Barber’s Pole
B2. Lo
B3. Don’t Talk Now
B4. Cocktail Paint
B5. Real Scene
B6. Goodbye Flute

Lutto Lento My Number One High Tracklisting:

A1. My Number One High
B1. Take Me Down The Dunes

Lutto Lento on Juno