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Beats In Space announce label compilation

Five years of releases on Tim Sweeney’s label are collated for the upcoming double CD BIS:001 – 020.

Formally announced in late 2011, Beats In Space Records has proved a worthy companion to Tim Sweeney’s long-running show of the same name on New York’s WNYU radio station. Inaugurated by the Gallic slink of Paradis, Beats In Space has afforded equal space to familiar names like Tornado Wallace, Lauer, Matt Karmil and Gonno as well as championing the cause of unheralded artists such as Dukes of Chutney, Hidden Fees and Jaakko Eino Kalevi. As a result, Beats In Space has developed into a label that reflects the wide-reaching tastes Sweeney has exhibited on his radio show for approaching two decades.

Having issued a compilation celebrating the 15th anniversary of Beats In Space the radio show back in 2014, Sweeney is preparing another release of a similar nature that highlights the music issued to date on the label. Due out next month, the fairly self-explanatory BIS:001 – 20 pulls together highlights of the label’s first twenty releases with some clear thought gone into the programming of the tracklisting. Commencing with the B-side from that aforementioned Paradis 12″ and ending on a highlight of the Palmbomen II LP, the 23 track selection offers apparently offers a “sense of motion, narrative and duration; a dedication to crescendo, a theatricality that never yawns.”

To herald the news, Beats In Space have unveiled a promo-only Mr Tom Noble edit of his own House Of Spirits disco burner “Hold On” which doesn’t actually feature on the upcoming compilation. Regardless, you can hear it below.

Beats In Space will release BIS:001 – 20 by Various Artists on April 15.


1. Paradis – La Ballade de Jim
2. Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Speak Out
3. House Of Spirits – Holding On
4. Hidden Fees – So What
5. Secret Circuit – Higher Heights
6. Dukes Of Chutney – Domino
7. Tornado Wallace – Desperate Pleasures
8. Guiddo feat Georges Perin – Gin ‘n’ Tears
9. Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Sensaatio
10. Jee Day – Sum Of Love
11. Tornado Wallace – Space Tropics
12. Palmbomen II – Carina Sayles
13. Dukes of Chutney – The Smiling Cheshire
14. T & P – Shoot The Freak
15. Crystal & S. Koshi – Break The Dawn
16. Gonno – Are You Asleep
17. Matt Karmil – So You Say
18. Lauer – Macsat Ring Down (Lee Douglas Remix)
19. Paradis – Je m’ennuie
20. Lauer – Stigma
21. Secret Circuit – Afterlife (LP Version)
22. Tornado Wallace – Kangaroo Ground
23. Palmbomen II – Cindy Savalas

Beats In Space on Juno