Brassfoot explores Dreamstate Intercal

Preview the London producer’s upcoming release for Paul Du Lac’s Bio Rhythm label. 

Brassfoot belongs amongst the clutch of artists to get their break on FunkinEven’s Apron Records, making his bow alongside co-conspirator Lord Tusk on the Space Invaders EP back in 2014. We’ve since seen the man also known as Tinto Brassalini contribute to the UTTU cause, slip out a limited cassette with the unheralded J M S Khosah and land a solo release on Apron. Not content with the imminent arrival of a third release on Apron, Brassfoot’s inimitable style has found favour with the cultured ears of Bio Rhythm boss Paul Du Lac with a five-track 12″, Dreamstate Intercal, due out shortly.

You can get a taste for this intriguing union below, with the general corrosive feel of Brassfoot’s music very much in line with a label that has put out records by Jamal Moss and Börft boss Jan Svensson. Should you want a more in depth introduction to the Bio Rhythm sound we can recommend Paul Du Lac’s recent Digital Tsunami mix which features future label material from Intergalactic Gary, Ian Martin and Deviere.