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Fundamental Records announces DMX Krew retrospective

DMX Krew 590

The Madrid-based electro label pays homage to two decades of music from Ed Upton in rather conclusive fashion with an upcoming 12×12″ boxset. 

The broad spectrum of electro that UK artist Ed Upton deals in under his numerous psuedonyms ensures there is a constant stream of labels gleeful in their attempts to facilitate its wider release. The most recent example being Tabernacle offshoot Ride The Gyroscope who have entrusted the next two editions of the series to Upton under the shortened EDMX, with that news arriving in the aftermath of a 19th DMX Krew album, You Exist, which came on Bristol’s ever-sprawling Hypercolour operation. Any Upton fans out there that have been daydreaming about a boxset housing vast swathers of his output will be thrilled to discover there is a label that have been thinking along similar lines with the means to execute it.

Step forward Madrid electro enthusiasts Fundamental Records who have been putting together limited edition vinyl releases dedicated to the form since 2010 under the tutelage of founder Alek Stark. After an initial focus on compilations, Fundamental expanded their remit to include artist albums and issued the 100 Tears LP from DMX Krew in 2014. In an effort to prove their outright love for all things Upton-shaped, Fundamental have sunk deep into his archive for 1995-2015, a self-explanatory but faintly ridiculous boxset consisting of more than fifty tracks featuring rare original material along with remixes from the likes of Aphex Twin, JTC, Jodey Kendricks, Aux 88 and more. Here is the kicker: it comes in the shape of twelve 12″s housed in an old school-style record shop bag. Scroll down for the entire tracklisting…keep scrolling….

Fundamental Records will release 1995-2015 by DMX Krew on March 26.


Record 001
A1. DMX Bass
A2. Rock Your Body (Original Demo)
B1. Deep Sea Pressure
B2. Magic Trax

Record 002
A1. Cerberus
B1. Vicious Bleebz (Bintus Remix)
B2. Snoopy

Record 003
A1. Tonight
A2. The Fallen Kings
A3. Dark Funk
A4. William The Conqueror
A5. White Noise / Black Hole (Analogue)
B1. FX – 3400P
B2. Lies Inside (Original Instrumental)
B3. William The Conqueror

Record 004
A1. Bad Boy
A2. The Game (Instrumental)
B1. Make Me
B2. Last Days

Record 005
A1. Adrenalin Flow (Aux 88 Remix)
A2. Adrenalin Flow (Computor Rockers Remix)
B1. ZX Spectrum (Original Version)
B2. ZX Spectrum (Di’Jital RMX)

Record 006
A1. When The Going Gets Weird…
A2. Alpha Centauri
A3. Cold Heart Part I
B1. Soda
B2. Memory Cube
B3. FX 500

Record 007
A1. The Glass Room (Extended Mix)
A2. You Can Do it (RE-EQ)
A3. Can U Feel The Power
B1. Street Boys (Extended Dub Mix)
B2. He Exists! (2015 Edit)
B3. Get With You

Record 008
A1. You Can’t Hide Your Love (Aphex Twin Mix)
A2. Space Pirate! (Lotek Style Remix)
B1. I’m All Alone (Original Mix)
B2. I’m All Alone (Instrumental)
B3. I’m All Alone (Cylo’bs Mix)

Record 009
A1. Guest House (JTC Remix)
B1. Kitchen Bench (JK Remix)

Record 010
A1. Didn’t I? (Extended Version)
A2. Funky Dancer
B1. Galaxy Love (Brian Ellis Remix)
B2. Keep On Keepin’ On
B3. Let’s Rock

Record 011
A1. Bright Colours On A Cloudy Day
B1. The Fashion Show

Record 012
A1. DMX Rock
A2. Good Ol’ Daze
B1. Honey
B2. Konnichi Wa! (Instrumental)
B3. I Can’t Control The Feeling