CS & Kreme combine on Total Stasis

Hear a track from the Melbourne duo’s upcoming 12″ for the Montreal label.

Emerging from the foggy ether but never straying too far from it in the summer of 2013, Montreal’s Total Stasis label has remained a low key affair despite releasing music from some decorated artists. 1080p graduate Ramzi inaugurated Total Stasis, and the label has gone on to put out records from Anon Vitruv, Elysia Crampton and Aquarian Foundation. Having slipped out a 12″ in January from 1080p pair Bobo Eyes and Plush Throw aka D Tiffany, Total Stasis returns later this month proffering another new production partnership in CS & Kreme.

Formed of Standish/Carlyon member Conrad Standish and F Ingers man Sam Karmel, CS & Kreme looks to be an outlet for the Australian pair to explore a sound away from their respective established bands. Their four track EP for Total Stasis is described as a “cinematic, tranquilizing feeling” and it’s a vibe you can certainly feel from B-side track “Fresh Exit” which can be heard below in all of its soporific kosmische glory.