Max D and DJ Isle O’ Man combine for next UNTHANK

The pair forge a connection between Washington DC and Rathmines as Lemme Kno.

Andrew Field-Pickering is never short of collaboration opportunities. The Future Times boss known widely as Max D (or Maximillion Dunbar, or indeed Dolo Percussion) has been busy over the past couple of years working with Jordan Czamanski as Zsa Gang, Matt Papich as Lifted, Jason Letkiewicz as Activated and of course Ari Goldman as Beautiful Swimmers. The latest chapter in Field-Pickering’s storied collaborative output sees him hook up with the artist formerly known as Morgan Buckley. The Irish upstart has been sneaking onto the radar with some auspicious offerings for Rush Hour’s No ‘Label’, most notably on the fantastic Shplittin’ The Stones opposite Olmo Devin last year.

This was followed by a fine contribution from the Dublin pair on Future Times compilation Vibe 3 under the Grapes & Isle O’ Man alias. It is under this DJ Isle O’ Man name that the Rathmines artist clearly wants to proceed, as he aligns with Field-Pickering for the next 10″ missile from Firecracker sublabel UNTHANK as Lemme Kno. The results of this experiment would seem to be sprightly breakbeat powered tracks peppered with that Future Times-friendly flamboyance, but you can make up your own judgement by listening to a lengthy preview of the 10” EP via the SoundCloud player below.