Hysteric is Under The Influence


Preview the Melbourne artist’s upcoming debut on Public Possession.

Time flies when you are having as much fun as Public Possession. This weekend sees the Munich crew reach their third birthday as a record selling and record releasing operation, and of introducing the likes of Obalski, Bell Towers, Anton Klint. Celebrations take shape with Suzanne Kraft and Igor Tipura from Kitjen among the in-store performers at Public Possession HQ on the Klenzenstrasse, whilst Obalski, Tambien (live!) and PP heads Marvin & Valentino taking over an undisclosed location on Saturday evening. Amidst all this, Public Possession have readied another edition of their edit-based Under The Influence series which sees the return of Melbourne’s George Hysteric and can be previewed below ahead of release at the end of March. Buono semper!