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Bruce laments The Trouble With Wilderness


The Bristol-based producer makes his first appearance on Idle Hands in April.

As far as high-pressure debuts go, landing on Livity Sound and Hessle Audio in quick succession can’t help but foist heavy amounts of attention on you as an artist. In the case of Bruce, he’s kept a cool head and held off flinging out a load of opportunist follow-ups (although no doubt he’s been given plenty of offers), instead leaving an air of mystery around just what his style is, and where it may lead from here. The only other clues we’ve had to date have been a pair of remixes that landed last year, the first for Creta Kano on Happy Skull and the second for Gramrcy on Ancient Monarchy, and if anything those outings only served to raise the intrigue around Bruce’s music.

Now we can finally get another glimpse into this curious musical mind thanks to a full EP on Idle Hands. Bristol’s guardian label has already leapt into 2016 with the Matt Karmil LP and single from Parris, and now Chris Farrell’s label continues a strong run of form with the most overtly house-orientated track Bruce has put out to date. The production in question is “The Trouble With Wilderness”, which moves with a stripped down focus unlike the rambunctious other sides to the producer we’ve heard in the past. The other two tracks are equally interesting, dealing in more ambient, beatless tones but still laden with ample unconventional character, leaving the door of possibility wide open as to where Bruce might head next.

Idle Hands will release The Trouble With Wilderness by Bruce in April.



A1. The Trouble With Wilderness
B1. Waves
B2. Summer’s Got To End Sometime

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