Accident Du Travail resurface on The Trilogy Tapes

Stream a typically meditative track from the French duo’s upcoming album on Will Bankhead’s label.

Unless you count yourself among the most rampant of The Trilogy Tapes completists you can be forgiven for not being that aware of Julie Normal and Olivier Demeaux’s work together as Accident Du Travail. With a history of separately making music across various genres between them, the pair first surfaced as Accident Du Travail in 2009 with a self-titled 12″ on Paris label brut direct disques before issuing a limited cassette on Will Bankhead’s label the following year. It now transpires Demeaux and Normal have been coaxed back into recording some new Accident Du Travail material which will take shape as an album called pour le Très Précieux Sang due on The Trilogy Tapes in the coming weeks.

Central to Accident Du Travail is Normal’s performance on the ondes Martenot, one of the first electronic music instruments that was invented back in 1928 by cellist Maurice Martenot. She’s formally qualified in playing this rare instrument, having studied it at Strasbourg C.N.R. and obtaining her degree with honors unanimously in June 2013. Fans of Bing & Ruth will probably appreciate how this manifests itself in Accident Du Travail’s music, as demonstrated on the soothing “Le Noir Pays” which can be heard below.