Call Super has a New Life Tone

Stream a blissful new production from Call Super for Houndstooth’s upcoming Tessellations compilation.

With a lack of fresh Call Super material since his excellent Migrant 12″ for Houndstooth last September, we’ve had to satisfy ourselves lately with marvelling at Joseph Richmond-Seaton’s fine wardrobe of knitwear such as the above Claire Cichy-snapped specimen. New music from the UK producer is forthcoming however; a second batch of Ondo Fuddness is due on The Trilogy Tapes when the time is right and Seaton has also contributed to Houndstooth’s upcoming Tessellations compilation. Set for release at the end of the month, the 14-track double CD compilation represents a dual celebration for Houndstooth; marking both their third anniversary as a label and their 50th release since Call Super inaugurated the fabric-run operation with The Present Tense 12″.

Each of the 14 artists to released with Houndstooth thus far contribute to Tessellations, and as strong advocates of Seaton’s work we are happy to offer the first airing of his artfully-punned Call Super production “New Life Tone (Rue d’Awakening Mix)”. Landing at the more serene end of the Call Super spectrum, the six-minute track is full of intricate detail which should coax minds into the most blissful of states. Pre-order the compilation here