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Giallo Disco to release H ø R D album


Antoni Maiovvi and Gianni Vercetti’s label give rise to the synth and minimal wave artist.

It may be labels like Mannequin Records, Dark Entries and Death Waltz that grab the headlines when it comes to the best in retrograde synthwave music, Antoni Maiovvi and Gianni Vercetti’s Giallo Disco is fast becoming a label equally as impressive. Last year alone Giallo released over 10 records inclusive of three albums, including the imaginary original soundtrack to Wild In Blue. It was collecting the music for that release, the label reveals, that they first came across the talents of H ø R D, with the artist’s “Deliverance” given a B3 cut on the double 12″ release. The label explain, “his music has gone on to be some of the best we’ve ever heard, so much so that we jumped at the chance to release the debut album by this incredible artist.”

After a bunch of digital and cassette releases Giallo Disco will provide H ø R D with his first album proper coming in the form of an eight-track Focus On Light LP. The label have described the music as “Reverb-Soaked Urban-Gothic Melancholic songs, between synth-shoegaze and violent EBM,” and believe the album will “will resonate strongly with fans of Pornography-era The Cure, Joy Division and classic Nine Inch Nails.” To our ears we hear strains of early Tropic of Cancer and dare we say Pet Shop Boys, and overall, as you’ll be able to tell from the album preview below, it’s a well informed reincarnation of what makes the synth, minimal and no wave genres so appealing today.

Giallo Disco will release Focus On Light by H ø R D in February.


A1. Teen Offers
A2. Speak
A3. Heart (Part I)
A4. Lines
B1. Focus On Light
B2. Deliverance
B4. Heart (Part III)

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