Best Available Technology to release cassette LP

More Kevin Palmer experimentations make their way to a digital and cassette release on Working Nights.

There’s no denying that Kevin Palmer’s Best Available Technology project is a major foundation when it comes to the output of Astro:Dynamics, with the Portland artist also providing sizeable chunks of music to Further Records and Opal Tapes. It has, however, arguably been the collection of cassettes stowed away in Palmer’s attic that delivered the resultant Excavated Tapes 1992 – 1999 series and collaborative De/Re-Constructions album with BNJMN that gives Palmer most recognition.

But in addition to this the American has also set up his own Working Nights platform with Astro:Dynamics founder Luke Owen which now presents a second release in the form of Best Available Technology album Running to You. Working Nights has been described as a “low-key label” which so far only has the one two-track cassette to its discography and now the pair are now happy to reveal its second title is a cassette of “seven guitar-based pieces quite unlike a lot of Kevin’s recent output,” which Juno Plus has been told is limited to 50 copies.

Working Nights will release Running To You by Best Available Technology on January 15.


1. Arcs of Red
2. Reprise
3. Rain Wind Sunset
4. Stone Glance
5. No. 37
6. No Tears in Her Eyes
7. Sideways Mainline

Best Available Technology on Juno