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KETEV shows Traces Of Weakness


Yair Elazar Glotman will return to Where To Now? with a new album later this month.

With around 25 releases issued across various formats in 2015, it would be easy to claim Where To Now? have just had their most impressive year to date. Those seeking to further acquaint themselves of the WTN? discography should be alerted to the 40% off sale currently available on the label’s bandcamp with the discount code ‘gimme’. Where To Now? look to maintain this 2015 momentum with details of their first release of the new year which sees the return of Berlin-based artist Yair Elazar Glotman under his KETEV alias. Glotman’s work as KETEV first emerged in 2014 with cassettes for Opal Tapes and Where To Now? which revealed his post-techno dabblings with reel-to-reel tape loops.

Concurrent to his KETEV output, Glotman has developed a working relationship with Subtext Recordings under his given name that has resulted in several collaborations with James Ginzberg as well as last year’s debut album Études. Glotman is back under the KETEV name for Where To Now? on Traces Of Weakness, a four-track album which is due to arrive later this month. Recorded using the in-house Buchla Modular Synth at EMS Stockholm, Glotman’s new album is described as “four long expressions, moving through a cycle of melancholy, destruction, urgency, fragility, and total calm” and expands on themes explored on previous KETEV transmissions.

Where To Now? will release Traces Of Weakness by Ketev on January15.


A1. Probabilities Of A Stranger’s Eyes
A2. Traces Of Weakness
B1. Linger
B2. Levels Of Chaos

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